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04. 09. 2019

Sizakele Nene

Why I Hate Millennial Ads

Millennials are the most researched yet least understood demographic. What's the one thing marketers do that keeps rubbing this audience the wrong way? Here's Siza's take:

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03. 25. 2019

Kamo Qhobosheane

An “amateur’s” stance on digital marketing

Are you an "amateur" in the world of digital marketing? You're not alone. But, everyone has to start somewhere right? Here's what our marketing intern, Kamo has learned about it so far.

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02. 28. 2019

Luiza Ivanova

2019 Digital Design Trends You Need to Know About

What are some digital design trends you should know about in 2019, and are they worth following? Heres what our Head of Design, Luiza, has to say about them.

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