5 digital marketing monsters that give us nightmares

5 digital marketing monsters that give us nightmares

Monsters don't exist only in movies, they can also be found in the land of marketing. But luckily for you, we have tips and tricks on how to avoid them. Take a look.
by Zapriana Atanassova
10. 29. 2020

As professionals in the land of digital marketing, we never know what to expect from a brand’s online presence. Sometimes, it’s a treat. Other times, it gives us the creeps. This Halloween, we’re exposing 5 of the scariest digital marketing monsters- and giving you some pointers on how to avoid them. 

Outdated Vampires

Does your digital marketing strategy look like it’s been living in a coffin for the last 5000 years? We’re not talking about the tried and true marketing principles- those will never die. But digital moves quickly, so you can’t let your strategy gather cobwebs. Make sure you’re always updating, listening and changing your approach where necessary. Otherwise your engagement will, you know, suck. 

Sneaky Boogymen 

If you don’t appreciate being tricked, why would your followers? While digital marketing can sometimes be a ruthless terrain, not keeping your word will only erode customer trust and loyalty. Whatever you promise your followers, whether it’s a prize for a competition, a webinar or any other resource, deliver on it. Cheap clicks aren’t worth a ruined reputation. Leave the shady business for the boogymen, ok?

Repetitive Post Zombies

Most old posts have an expiration rate. So when they come back from the dead to roam around aimlessly on your feed, they make your pages look like a content graveyard. Recycling successful content that’s kept its appeal can be a win now and then, but let’s just say that most posts should stay six feet under. Knock those zombies over the head, and shift your focus toward creating fresh, relevant content that won’t eat your followers’ brains. 

Frankenstein’s Mismatched Monster 

If you fail to do the essential research into your audience’s habits, your ads will be a confusing, unresponsive monstrosity. There are many free resources online to help you understand what your audience is searching for, which devices they use, the platforms they frequent and so on. Research is essential in ensuring that your final ad reaches the right person, at the right time, and speaks to them in the best possible way (instead of groaning inaudibly). 

The haunted house 

Hello? Anyone there? Even if you’re open for business in real life, a desolate social page or outdated website will have potential customers running the other way. Think of your business’s digital presence as an extension of your physical one. No one wants to enter an abandoned house with creaky floorboards and potential poltergeists. So be sure to re-vamp your strategy, post consistently and get things looking alive again. 

If you spot one or more of these ghosts terrorising your target audience, who you gonna call? Arc Interactive! We’ve been getting rid of all kinds of digital marketing monsters for years- and we’re happy to help resuscitate your website, branding and social.