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01. 19. 2021

Zanthe Martinuzzi


Is your website in a rut?

Neglecting your business's website isn't something that's unheard of. Between the running of the business and many other things involved in keeping it afloat, it's possible to forget the importance of maintaining the website. This, for many businesses, is the reason their websites are in a rut. Here are a few other signs that perhaps it may be time to make some changes.

It's pretty easy to get stuck just going through the motions of everyday tasks and forget to update your website with the current times and demands of your target audience. We do it all the time we get so caught up mundane routines like running your business that we often set up our businesses website and forget about it, this means forgetting to relook, update and maintain our biggest silent sales person.

In the article we highlight the ten signs that your businesses website is not working for you but actually against you and is in a complete rut and its now the time to take action. In the next upcoming guide we will actually show you how to address and fix these so your website is in a sure fire way to increase your conversions.

So, with this in mind, here are 9 bad design mistakes that are clearly identifiable that your website is in a rut and that some changes are required:

Your website is completely outdated.

When your website has products you no longer offer, services you no longer provide, outdated contact details, not enough info on new products or services and even if your business has adjusted the way it does business since COVID 19 that too should be on your website

You havent updated your website since

With an outdated website not only will your info, blogs, galleries and basically all your info become outdated and no longer relevant, you also stand the risk of plugins stop getting supported, links that get deleted, videos get moved etc. Think back to when was the last time you checked every page and link on your site? Have a work study student, intern or assistant? This is a perfect opportunity to have them review all the content and links and got down these errors to improve

You arent tracking your websites performance 

Without proper tracking you really dont know how your websites visitors are perceiving your website, how long they are spending on site, what pages they frequent, who even are your online audience or really anything about their behaviour on your website, worse still if you are spending marketing spend you have no clue if its working or not.

You have lost sight of your primary mission for your website

Are your website visitors struggling to find the info they need? Think back to the primary mission of this website, is it to sign up for the newsletter, or to fill out a contact form, or add an item to cart and purchase, start reading and interacting with your blog? Whatever that main mission of your website is and this should be prominent and clear on your site.

You havent optimised to mobile first

Most internet traffic from SA now comes from mobile traffic, however many websites still arent built for mobile optimisation and designed for mobile first then desktop, this leaves a really bad user experience for the visitor when the web page is unreadable and not fuctional on a smaller mobile screen

Having poor or inconsistent branding

Your logo design and corporate colours are lacking cohesion leaving an inconsistent brand look and feel throughout your website and digital channels. Too many stock photos can also leave a very generic feel that wont resonate with anyone and too many elements leaves the page feeling cluttered.

Having poor navigation

Poor, user unfriendly navigation that confuses your site visitors and hides content from search engines. And generally not considering the user end usability of your website will leave your visitors irritated and bouncing from your site.

Your website doesnt make use of modern code or standard compliance 

These are a bit harder to see with the untrained eye but this ties back into outdated websites a lot of the time. This includes outdated or unnecessary code, unnecessary flash intros, flashing buttons, using Flash, frames, unnecessarily long URLs, using tables instead of DIVs, keyword stuffing etc not only do these items leads to slower website speed, scoring lower SEO scores and lacking in usability for your end user.

Underutilised channels 

Weather this is social media channels, video content, newsletters, business blogs, galleries by not producing any new content and worse still having outdated thats no longer relevant or have since become incorrect is a sure way to 

If you are concerned about the state of your website, and need a second set of eyes to review and point you in the right direction of any bad design mistakes or if you are fully aware you need some minor changes or even a complete overhaul then email us on hello@arcinteractive.co. and we will assist you. For more information, visit www.arcinteractive.co. You can also follow Arc Interactive on FacebookTwitter or on Instagram.