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01. 19. 2021

Zanthe Martinuzzi


Is your website in a rut? Part 2

Your business's website is just as important as your team's strongest salesperson, so making sure that it resonates with your audience is very important. In part 1 of this series we identified a few things that are the most telling that your business's website is in a rut. Now it's time to identify actionable steps to get and stay out of that rut.

If the COVID 19 outbreak has not highlighted the impact of firstly having a website and secondly having digital offers and means of purchasing through an ecommerce site than I just dont know what will force retailers and both b2b and b2c businesses that way.

In our previous guide we discussed how to establish if your website is in a rut and in this guide we will discuss how to get and stay out of it with actionable steps you can take today to ensure you have a website that resonates with its audience, is relevant to your business and most importantly drives and produces sales.

So with this all in mind, here are my list of actionable steps to make your website the most effective sales person in your team.

  1. If you dont have a website where have you been? No matter the size of your massive brand or small start-up, if you are serious about your business or turning your side hustle into a full time or even part time business then you need a website, and a good one at that. Dont even waste your time with DIY websites that look and feel slapped together you arent a web designer get an agency to design a website in mind with the marketing efforts you hope to run. Just like DIY car repairs, plumbing, electrical work somethings are just worth paying an expert to do well and web development is one of those things. 
  2. Re-evaluate your website often(indicate time here). Each time your services or products have changed, your contact info and means of booking or purchasing have evolved or how your business has developed since COVID and the new adapted offerings etc. Think of your website as a work in progress and not as a set and forget it. Now better still make your website work even harder for you and your business by enabling it with content thats ever changing such as a blog, not only will this do wonders for your establishing your brand as a thought leader in your specific sector but it will also bring you organic traffic to your website for free. Really good relevant content thats related to your business, your offerings, tips, tricks and advice much like this article you are reading right now will work wonders for your business, and pretty much all it costs you is your time. Dont allow your website to become stale, outdated and irrelevant this is such an injustice to your business.
  3. Another solid reason for hiring a marketing agency to build your website is the ability to track your websites performance, they will set this all up for you ensure your code is to update with the latest protocols and standards, make sure your navigation is clear and easy to use and that they have tested your site with the users experience, interface and functionality in mind and of course optimised towards mobile first, not friendly but first. In a nutshell they kind of know what they are doing.
  4. You are quite clear on the objective of your website, and you have put this at the forefront of your web design, depending on your main marketing objective weather this is to sign up for your newsletter, make a donation to your cause, purchase a product, read a blog article, make an appointment for a service to be rendered, this is clear from the get go and clear from the home page of your site.
  5. The branding across all online and offline platforms is consistent and on brand, you have a brand look and feel and you are pretty clear and consistent about the way your brand is portrayed across all channels.
  6. You are aware and utilise the digital channels that are relevant to your business and industry, this includes various social media channels, ustilising your business blog, galleries, newsletters and continues to produce new, revenant content on an ongoing basis.
  7. Once your website has been optimised with up to date content, active social media channels, the performance is being tracked and its been tried and tested with your target audience and you know your website is only as good as its marketing. With even the smallest amount of marketing budget you can get your website, your content, your products and services in from of the right audience at the right time when they are searching for it, and if you arent marketing then you know they will surely find your competitors. 

As a general rule of thumb b2c products and services do phenomenally well on Facebook and Instagram paid marketing and b2b products and services generally do better on LinkedIn and Twitter and no matter the industry all businesses thrive on Google Search and benefit from having a monthly newsletter so long as you have fresh new content being produced through your business blog which will greatly help SEO efforts.

There you have it my tips to getting your website out of its marketing rut. A website is such a crucial part of your businesses success it shows your professionalism, it enables sales, it reaches consumers in there initial purchase cycle when they are searching via search engines, it provides easy access for your target audience to find you but most of all it provides you a platform to make and secure ROI for your business and done right it will surely be the most hard working sales person on your team.

If you are concerned about the state of your website, if you dont have a website or know it needs an overhaul with solid paid marketing efforts then email us on hello@arcinteractive.co. and we will assist you. For more information, visit www.arcinteractive.co. You can also follow Arc Interactive on FacebookTwitter or on Instagram.