#NGOMarketingSeries Part 1: The fundamentals of Non Profit marketing

#NGOMarketingSeries Part 1: The fundamentals of Non Profit marketing

Marketing an NGO or an NPO without a solid strategy can be tricky, especially if you haven’t yet mastered the art of finessing reputable businesses for financial assistance. Fortunately, we have some useful fundamentals that could help you with your Non-Profit marketing.
by Zanthe Agrela
02. 16. 2021

When it comes to marketing, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and non-profits (NPOs) really don’t have it easy. Since they’re relying on donors financially to catapult their organisation, they need to really communicate and show full value to these donors. Without adequate financial backing, it can feel like you’re running a losing battle to get your message across - especially when aiming at the most vulnerable audiences when they need it most. 

With so much at stake, a solid strategy and some marketing finesse is necessary in order to make the most of your marketing budget. 

I’ve rounded up some of my best practices to help amplify your marketing efforts and ensure the success of your NPO remains intact. Here are some fundamentals that’ll help you create a digital brand that really does make a difference in the communities which it serves.

Understand your donors’ needs

Resonating with donors through digital channels requires you to have a deep understanding of them as an audience. What makes them tick, how they measure success and what inspires them to give, are key focus points to look into. Consider what makes donors invest in your NPO and what key metrics of success they’re looking out for, to ensure you meet and exceed their expectations.

Know what success looks like for your business

One of the biggest challenges for digital marketers is working with a business (non-profit or not) that really doesn’t have a clear image of what their purpose is. More importantly, what success looks like in achieving that purpose. Fleshing these points out is crucial to ensure that your marketing is effective. 

Have a clear idea and establish who your brand is, what it sounds like, its tone, what it stands for, etc. Consider the purpose of your brand and how to achieve the success points you’ve outlined. This can start off as a rough idea, but it should all be ironed out in a comprehensive brand strategy.

Measurable marketing efforts 

Showing value is important, and what better way to do this than with measurable marketing efforts? Investing in digital marketing as your primary means leaves you with a multitude of digital channels that suit your objectives and are measurable. The result? Benchmarks of success that inform how best to allocate your marketing spend. 

Hiring a digital marketing agency that specialises in cause marketing, and showing the value thereof, will help you establish key performance indicators. These will ensure you know ahead of time what your budget affords you, what to expect and lastly, measure results that you can track month on month, year on year. 

Funding aid

If you’re an NGO or NPO, we know that every cent counts. A good marketing agency with a vested interest in your brand will find innovative ways to find added value avenues. A few examples of this could be applying for grants through digital channels, running trial campaigns, liaising favourable rates from suppliers and influencers and building business cases to present to your donors.

Research and understand your audience’s psychology

A key component to a great marketing campaign is to have a complete understanding of your audience. Who they are on a fundamental level, demographics, life-stages, hobbies, interests, shopping and research behaviour. Additionally, their basic needs, wants and drives will give you an understanding of how and why your audience behaves the way they do. This type of in-depth research will be conducted by your marketing agency through a deep dive into a branding and marketing strategy. Strategy is a key part of creating content that your audience identifies with and, most importantly, responds to with the desired action.

There’s a psychology in giving and investing, which needs to be fully understood. Some key findings to consider include: Why do people donate when a campaign is closer to reaching its goal? Why are people more inclined to help one specific individual rather than a larger group? Why does giving back feel so good? The answers and insights to these, and other compelling questions, provide you with valuable insight that you can then use to best promote your cause. 

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