#NGOMarketingSeries Part 3: Measuring success in your NGO marketing

If you run an NGO, it's important to realise that one of the greatest marketing fundamentals are learning how to define and measure your marketing success. Here's more.
by Zanthe Agrela
03. 23. 2021

Are you interested in taking your non-profit’s marketing to the next level? Then you’re in the right place. In part one of the #NGOMarketingSeries, we unpacked the fundamentals of NPO marketing- getting to the crux of the donors’ needs, understanding your unique business objectives and tapping into your audience’s psychology. In the second guide, we discussed the importance and value of digital marketing channels and how to choose the right ones for your objectives. 

In this instalment, we discuss how to identify and utilise resources to your brand’s advantage, how to be adventurous and how to measure success.

Be adventurous

Because non-profits are hit with the hardest hurdle of all (lack of funds), being adventurous with even a fraction of your media spend seems like a massive risk. Sure, it is, but without taking the risk you’ll likely be drowned out in the crowd of cause marketing that’s similar to yours. Here are some ideas to help your cause marketing stand out. 

  • Present the cold, hard facts and numbers in digestive bites such as infographics. 
  • Create emotional, personal connections by telling the stories about what’s at stake. Highlight the people, animals or environment and what your actions mean to them. An exceptionally powerful medium to launch this would be video.
  • Recruit volunteers, employees and everyday people to come on-board and offer their time, resources and expertise to share information and possible solutions to the issue you’re solving. These everyday people are exactly that- completely relatable to the target audience. This type of content can be executed through content marketing such as in newsletters, Instagram stories and other forms of incredibly powerful user-generated content.
  • Take advantage of PR channels to release thought-provoking content that entices your audience to think about which side of the fence they sit on and more importantly, to take a stand. 

Utilise your resources

Not to be confused with utilising social media influencers, tapping into resources involves working with experts and specialists that work at your company, are affiliated with your sponsors or those in your professional network. Perhaps you have access to a specialist trauma councillor, addiction specialist, a GP, social workers, nutritionists, midwives, clinical phycologists or any other expert in your field. These knowledgeable resources need to be tapped into through detailed and specific content marketing efforts. 

The content created should address very specific topics by sharing expert advice and useful resources. Topics will relate to your specific NGO efforts- for example surviving assault, overcoming addition, or how to remove vulnerable children from unsafe environments. This type of marketing effort targets a very specific audience- one that’s desperately in need of this valuable information. 

The idea here is to become a trusted ally and a credible source of information. To really take this to the next level, you can create a private, one-on-one safe space where users can get advice on raw, personal questions without fear of judgement. This can be promoted through content and email marketing, with the safe spaces executed through WhatsApp for business, social media DMs or website question and answer portals. 

Measure your performance

The above mentioned marketing efforts are heavily focused on digital in particular, and there’s a good reason for that. Digital marketing is measurable, meaning you can benchmark what results you should be getting for your money’s worth, before spending a single cent. This gives you measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to aim for and once you start spending your budget, you can measure yourself up to those specific benchmarks. All of this is even more vital if you’re an NGO, since every cent matters and you really can’t afford to make costly mistakes. Hiring a digital marketing agency that’s experienced in working with cause marketing and NGOs, will ensure your KPIs are set up correctly ahead of time, and that your campaigns are optimised to get you the best ROI.

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