CSI Marketing 101: pt2 Impactful marketing with a difference

If you've been trying to find ways to implement effective and strategic ways to kick start your CSI programme, you've come to the right place. In this part 2 article, we'd like to help you put into motion impactful steps to make your brand meaningful. Read this for more.
by Zanthe Agrela
04. 20. 2021

This is the second and final part in our two part guide on CSI Marketing. In the previous guide, which can be found here, we discussed how to make your brand stand out from its competitors through making your brand meaningful, what CSI means for your business, and more importantly how your business will benefit from it.

In this guide, we discuss the next steps of putting this into motion and implementing impactful marketing that directly affects your bottom line.

Here are our top pointers and some useful implementation steps for companies wanting to setup an effective and strategic CSI programme.

Treat your CSI programme as an important part of your business

By treating your CSI programmes as an important part of their business. This means giving these programmes the resources (people, time, money, marketing budget, attention, expertise, etc.) that they need in order to deliver the desired outcomes.

Your CSI efforts should fit be aligned with and enhance your overall business strategy; it should address your strategic context and social/environmental concerns and match with your business principles.

Adopt a digital offering

This has never been more pertinent than it is now, but if there’s one thing COVID’s taught us, it’s that if you aren’t adapting to technology, implementing digital offerings and making use of digital marketing, you will be left behind. So, with that said, take your CSI offering and implement it in a digital fashion. 

Here are some ways you could execute this: 

This could be an online educational platform that provides free advice and resources to your audience without data costs. You could also look into starting a pad drive to keep young girls in school without them having to worry about not having pads every single month with a landing page where corporates can make donations towards sanitary towels to nearby schools in need. Maybe offer an online platform that has resources and information around sexual reproductive health to help the youth make better and more informed decisions about their sexual and reproductive health, perhaps a small amount of your proceeds and each consumers purchases could go towards eradicating hunger or buying children who are underprivileged new school shoes. 

All these examples are a great way to make a difference in communities that need it the most. By making your CSI initiative well publicised and accessible to your direct consumers and suppliers, it’s easier to see why partnering with your brand is a good idea.

So, make sure to choose a cause that’s true to your brand and is directly associated to your business (such as KFCs donate R2 to world hunger). If you cant find a cause that’s directly linked to your business, you can always opt for a more emotional approach and choose a cause that resonates with your business’ values. 

Marketing with a difference

Partner with a marketing agency that has a full understanding of cause marketing and its importance, how cause marketing is suited for your business and its objectives and how it can elevate its authenticity, while still being able to show the ROI for it. 

Arc Interactive is a digital studio and marketing agency that specialises in working with CSI and non-profits to show actual value and ROI within these efforts. By adopting a marketing agency to help you execute this, you will get a detailed breakdown that will dictate how to measure CSI efforts, the platforms you should be investing in, benchmarks of what you should be achieving by a particular time and what to expect in the first couple of months. 

We hope this article series has showcased the importance and value of CSI efforts and how they can add value to your business by becoming measurable marketing efforts that are guaranteed to elevate your brand the next level and allow you to stand out in a large pool of competitors in an over saturated market.

At Arc Interactive, we’re passionate about helping businesses and big brands develop their brands through a greater cause by helping them position themselves well in the minds of their consumers and employees through impactful CSI marketing efforts that uplift communities. To find out more and to take advantage of our expertise in this field, visit our website or e-mail us on zanthe@arcinteractive.co

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