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08. 09. 2021

Nomathamsanqa Bota


Women’s Day: There’s space for us all at the table of success

At ARC, we believe that there’s space for all women in our industry (and beyond) to excel. In honour of Women’s Day, our talented wordsmith, Noma Bota, has shared her perspective on how our collective success is possible. Here’s more.

As we celebrate Womens Day today, I find myself in awe of all the wonderful women around me. So full of life, potential, strength, and empathy. Looking at these women has made me ask myself this question, Is there space for us all to flourish? To unite and support each other while we each succeed in this very challenging industry? For me, the answer is YES! I am well aware of all the barriers that women come across when working in advertising and marketing, but I believe that we can overcome those challenges together, while helping each other reach the top of this very high ladder. Heres how we can achieve this.

By realising that we are on the same team

Since this industry is a very competitive one, it can be easy for us to compete against each other. I believe that if we can work together, as one anothers cheerleaders, we can achieve far more than we can imagine. For example, women are still paid way less than men who are in the same position. Its time for us to be in the same team and fight this system that says that were worth less than men. When we unite, we will become a force to be reckoned with, we wont tolerate less because when we come together there will be more of us at the table. The more we are, the more our voices will be heard, the more we will be taken seriously, and the more equal we will be to men.

By recognising that theres enough space for all of us

One of the biggest advantages of our industry is that its growing in leaps and bounds. This is making it possible for opportunities to open up for all of us. The possibilities are endless and we each have something valuable to add. Thats why I believe that we all have a seat assigned to each of us. So when one woman takes her seat, we shouldnt feel like space is running out because its not. Let your talents, hard work, and determination create space for you at this very long table that has no end in sight. 

By embracing the different roles we play

Women have come far, and as a result, we can raise families while also building our careers. Unfortunately, this industry can be very challenging to navigate as a working mother, because one can often feel like they need to prove that their role as a mother doesnt mean theyll be working less than those who are not. The good news is that the industry is now more flexible for working mothers because they can work from home- a big plus if you ask me. Now, women dont have to constantly feel that by attending to one, they are neglecting the other and they get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

By being aware that we are the solution to our problems

The problems we face as women in this industry make us think that only a few of us can make it. We may feel that we need men to reassure us that we belong, or that we must be approved or hand-picked to be the select few who get to represent women at the table of success. This thinking is wrong because if we realise that we are the solution to the problems we face, we can overcome them and be able to all shine. Lets learn to look towards one another instead of away from each other, so that we can fully take advantage of the many opportunities that are available for us.

Being the only one at the table of success should not be an achievement; being successful together as women is more powerful and empowering. The next generation of women should not feel like being female is their disadvantage. They should be able to look at us and see a generation that fought together and made space for each other, without feeling threatened or thinking that theres only space for only a few of us. Heres to the collective power of us all!

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