Effective Christmas marketing during another COVID-19 year

Effective Christmas marketing during another COVID-19 year

If you're a business owner, it's normal to be concerned about the future of your business during COVID-19. And because we understand that, we have marketing tips from Zanthe, our New Business Manager, to ensure that your business stays profitable while your customers receive their value for money.
by Zanthe Agrela
12. 14. 2021

The new Omnicron COVID-19 variant means that, unfortunately, COVID-19 is far from over. And with Christmas around the corner, I’ve rounded up my best Christmas marketing tips to ensure that your business can still make a profit during the festive season while consumers alike get value for their hard-earned money.

Here are my top Christmas marketing tips for 2022.

  1. Re-think your retail outlet 

It’s vital to completely re-think the consumer experience at your store because of our new reality. This can be done through contactless payment methods such as tap and go. It would be beneficial for you to push more traffic online by offering online incentives for consumers. You can even add screens to your checkout facilities and encourage online self-check-out payment options so that consumers can skip the queue. Stores such as Leroy Merlin have enabled this, here’s how it works: You scan your products via the app, add them to the cart, and then you can checkout and pay on the app. Once you’ve paid, you get a barcode which is then verified at the checkout point.

  1. Add value for going digital

I know this seems like a no brainer, but I still see so many retail stores not having their full stock available online, not offering a delivery service, not offering incentives for consumers to shop online, etc. Going digital can add value by including nice to haves like gift wrapping or the option to send a purchase as a gift so the receiver doesn’t see the invoice but only the shipping note for exchanges. Also, the ability to add personal notes for the receiver, which is done by Netflorist and YuppieChef with fast delivery is a plus. If you include more incentives that add value through your digital platform, then consumers will be inclined to purchase through digital channels. 

  1. Market through digital channels 

Once your business has migrated online, you’ll need to attract consumers digitally. You can do this by marketing your business online through various social media platforms. You can even offer a discount code for online purchases, promote your newsletter signups and create audiences targeted to the type of product your business offers. Through your social media platforms, you can have a count-down to remind users when to order for them to receive their orders in time for Christmas. You can also leverage off social media influencers/ brand ambassadors to catapult your reach on social media. Shop Fomo does this really well with its brand ambassador, Suzette Van Der Merwe.

  1. Positioning is everything

How you position your company is everything, specifically in a sea of competitors offering similar items. Here are a few ways to set yourself apart:

  • Launch year-end gift guides such as the perfect host/ hostess gift, the happy homemaker, the technophile, the green living enthusiast, the nature lover, the adventure seeker, etc. It would be an added advantage if you keep this gender-neutral where possible, so you can appeal to your entire target market. This can be advertised across all your chosen social media platforms and in-store in the form of curated gift packages. 
  • Think about experiences as gift alternatives in the form of vouchers. You can market these to specific target groups. For example, date night/romance packages for couples, getaways, etc. 
  • Offer all personalisation at no extra cost where possible. For example, engraving on leather goods, jewellery, pens, etc.
  • Advent calendars are another way of capitalising on Christmas sales in a new way. Jo Malone, The Body Shop, and Charlotte Rhys are just some of the brands capitalising on this.
  • Think about competition giveaways such as those on social media. They can help you grow your social media community by potentially attracting new consumers with the ripple effects of sharing and tagging.
  • Utilise specials such as buy one get one free, 12 days of Christmas specials, 3 for the price of 2. These can be effective in moving any overstocked items, or to ensure you get plenty of bookings for experiences, tables or rooms alike, etc.

That’s it from me- if you need a marketing agency to help you get your Christmas digital campaigns set up and on track for a profitable festive season, email me at zanthe@arcinteractive.co. You can also follow us at Arc Interactive on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.