Cell C approached us in 2017 to help them build a platform that would act as an extension of their annual Take a Girl Child to Work Day® initiative. In its 16th year, Cell C decided to celebrate the legacy of the programme through a platform that would give all girl children around South Africa the opportunity to receive career guidance and resources all year round.

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  • Brand, commercial and retail website silver award (2019)
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The brainstorm phase

Already having existing knowledge and extensive experience with the young female South African market, we were able to approach the challenge with confidence. We conducted further research into the needs of young women from an education and career perspective. We conducted surveys, strategy sessions and focus groups to fully understand what young South African girls need.

CellCgirl features

What we came up with

Based on our research, we knew that young women, from the critical age of 15 were more at risk of dropping out of school for a myriad of socio-economic and health reasons. This meant that we had to create an engaging platform that addressed the core issues young women faced. The platform we created offers young women guidance, private advice through Ask CellCgirl, internships and bursaries, an online course and other tools that make their schooling and working life easier.

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CellCgirl also features a career interest test, a CV creator and articles for high school students, university students, first time workers and entrepreneurs. As a brand and platform, CellCgirl aims to assist young women throughout their career journey - from school to working life.

The results

CellCgirl’s website and social media platforms officially launched to the public on September 4th, 2018. Since then, Facebook has had over 12 900 active users, with Instagram and Twitter growing steadily as well. CellCgirl’s website has 129 644 registered users, over 101 000 of which have viewed and used the CV builders. Users have also downloaded over 29 000 resources from the website. This is indicative of the brand’s growth and resonance with its target audience in less than a year.

“Thank you very much. This group is really inspiring me 😇😇Thank you so much.”

Yeyethu Mimi

“Who came up with the @cellcgirl? God bless them 🙏


“This is a great intitative for young women across the country from many backgrounds.”

Pumlani Taulela