Choma is an innovative project created by HIVSA to engage with young South African girls in order to educate and guide them on the prevention of HIV. HIVSA approached us to design a website and create an online space to maximise their exposure and build brand awareness while driving their key message of creating an HIV-free generation.

  • Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Content
  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • 2016 – PRESENT
  • Most innovative social media campaign by a small agency gold award (2017)
  • Public service and npo platform silver award (2019)
Choma home page

The brainstorm phase

We set out to understand the mindset of South African teenage girls; what they read about, what interests them, what issues they face and what influences their decisions. By doing so, we would ensure the Choma website reaches young women with relevant conversation touch points and content pillars that interest them.

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What we came up with

We created a highly engaging, mobile-first, interactive website allowing the users to interact with poll questions, play a game and connect with topics of interest to them. We also gave users the ability to “Ask Choma” from any platform, giving them a readily available, safe space to gain trusted advice on sensitive issues. Most recently, we launched the #DoneWithSilence campaign, aimed at creating dialogue around important societal issues our readers face. The Choma website features a simple, user-friendly design and is widely accessible on any device.

Chona - articles

The results

Today, Choma has a community of over 111 000 Facebook fans and content that reaches more than 5 million people. The Choma website attracts over 377 000 users, and 715 954 page views with 454 953 sessions each month.

The best part? Choma has grown to become a trusted part of young women’s lives that helps them make decisions benefiting their sexual and overall health in the best way possible.

“Choma is a great platform to learn and voice out issues that affect us on a daily basis.”

Tsogang Sechaba

“Choma is the best friend I have never had. Wow! Now I only talk to her all the time.”

Letticia Lettie

“What I like about Choma is that it gave the opportunity to know more about what girls go through.”

Thato Mahlangu