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Investec’s brief to us was simple - “what could a future version of our internet and app banking look like?”. Our solution was to create Investec’s Digital Eco-System - an intuitive, modern and sleek banking dashboard and app.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Apps
  • 2019
Investec Dashboard

How we tackled it

Banking UI should, at its core, be easy to understand and give the user a simple overview of their finances. Furthermore, Investec’s clients enjoy personal banking services. With this in mind, we created wireframe designs as well as the UI for both web and app versions of Investec’s Digital Eco-System.

We wanted to create a truly unique experience for the user, and were able to deliver this through thorough data analysis. We used various behavioural patterns such as purchase history, to tailor specific banking features to users. For example, if a user had recently booked an airplane ticket, they would be served offers and content relating to travel and leisure services.

Investec Dashboard

What we came up with

Internal release to digital department for design language usage and phased functionality release. Navigation included customisable, intuitive widgets to give users an overview of their finances (Savings, Investments, Available Credit, etc.). The final features of the prototype included unique, tailored information presented to the user within their dashboard, customisable widgets, personalised messages and automated videos based on user data.

Investec Dashboard - Finances

The results

During the course of design and delivery we:

  • Analysed 50000 anonymous customer data sets and behaviours to inform design.
  • Conducted prototype user testing with 300 internal users.
  • Identified 300 data triggers to create personalised internet banking content such as the personalised video tiles.
  • Delivered over 200 screen layouts via Zeplin.