South African Airways

When South African Airways approached us, their request was straightforward - to redesign their existing smartphone app, giving it a modern look-and-feel that would bump their customers’ user experience up a class. SAA wanted to give their users an app that it would be as intuitive and easy to use as possible. This meant using modern UI practices and methodologies to ensure that the app looks appealing, works efficiently and enables their customers to manage their flights and bookings seamlessly.

  • UX/UI
  • Development
  • 2017
SAA app

How we tackled it

When approaching this brief, we understood the importance of ensuring that the new app met the modern standard of UI and UX design trends. Our first task was to take what we knew about current trends and weigh it up against potential competitors in the same space, with similarly functioning apps that provide booking and tracking-like functionalities.

SAA app features

What we came up with

SAA’s previous app was created in HTML5, which meant that functionality was limited for the type of experience SAA expected for their users. Our solution was to rebuild the smartphone app natively, ensuring that we could create a more sophisticated user experience with a revised look-and-feel. By implementing an all-native infrastructure, we also ensured that the SAA smartphone app had the right foundation to be able to add features more easily in the future.

Phone 1
Phone 2

The result

The result was a smartphone app with a modern aesthetic and sharp features that would offer users a more efficient experience. Today, the app has had over 100 000 downloads, adding the convenience of digital to the lives of SAA’s customers.