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Solar power innovators, Wetility, needed an online platform to help reach potential clients, and serve their existing users. Here’s how we created a boundary-pushing website for this disruptive startup.

  • UX/UI Design
  • Development
  • Apps
  • 2020
We-X Dashboard

How we tackled it

We created a website aimed at educating the user on Wetility’s solar solution - how it works, why it’s convenient and cost-effective, and how to get started.


What we came up with

Internal release to digital department for design language usage and phased functionality release. Navigation included customisable, intuitive widgets to give users an overview of their finances (Savings, Investments, Available Credit, etc.).

The final features of the prototype included unique, tailored information presented to the user within their dashboard, customisable widgets, personalised messages and automated videos based on user data.

Mobile Sign-up
Laptop Sign-up

The results

  • 10,000 Rapid Calculator initiated quote requests in Wetility’s first month of operation.
  • 2m 45s average engagement length on the Rapid Calculator.
  • Wetility’s We-X Dashboard averages a usage of 4m 5s daily.
  • Onboarding new systems and users with We-X in an average of 3 minutes.