What do all the very best website’s all have in common, and how to get your business on that list

Surely you've seen or experienced a few business websites that you thought were quite impressive, and you felt like there's nothing you'd like more than to get your business's website on the same level. In part 3, we share what some of your favourite websites have in common and how you can get your own website to be just as great.
by Zanthe Agrela
01. 19. 2021

In this 3 part series of is my website in a rut we delve deep in identifying is your website not serving you, not producing results, and in the second guide we have discussed actionable steps to make the most of your website. In this third and final guide we discuss what do the most successful websites all have in common, and what is the core learnings and take-outs we can learn and implement from this.

So what makes a successful website? What do all successful website all have in common and how can you get your business on this prestigious list?

First and foremost the very best websites are clear in laymens terms of the products, services and offers it provides, the navigation is clear, the purpose of your business is evident from the home page, and easy to perform the desired action in very few simple steps and that is to create that conversion fast.

Let’s get honest, how much do you really know about web development, SEO, content generation? If you are a business owner probably not too much and you probably don’t have the time to skill up and do HTML classes in your spare time so why then do so many business owners decide to DIY their websites. Well simply put its cheap, but like everything in life you get what you pay for, and a slapped together website is not going to do your business any justice. The best websites aren’t template driven sites, they don’t have flash and other gimmicks enabled and they aren’t DIY efforts made at your dining room table on a Saturday morning they are built from scratch using up to date code, they are tagged with performance tags from the get go and they are most likely built by a marketing agency and properly thought out about the marketing efforts prior to building the website with such measurements in place.

Many successful websites have fresh new content every month, bi weekly or some lucky enough to produce new content each week, weather this is a business blog, video content, new products, something that keeps your audience coming back to you, seeing your business as the expert in your said field. Its pretty easy to share tips and advice, techniques, how to’s, demonstrations etc the list is endless on how to produce new content that’s relevant and useful to your target audience this will also have the added benefit of keeping your audience coming back for more as well as facilitating new organic website traffic that’s essentially free.

Touching on the point above the very best website have original content not just in terms of new content each month and not utilising a template design but also the images, they don’t use obviously generic Shutterstock images, original design that compliments the look and feel of your brand.

What about that wow factor, and no I’m not talking about flash, large images that take forever to load I’m talking about quick load times a really sleek design that’s mobile first and something unexpected that’s visibly pleasing to the website visitor very often this is really simplistic design that’s uncluttered with plenty of white space with one or two really engaging large images that load fast can do the trick.

The last and most important trick is utilising the most powerful tool, the internet with even the best looking and functioning website wont result in masses of online visitors eagerly flocking to your website and purchasing your items or signing up for your newsletter or whatever the purpose of your site is. Your website is only as good as your marketing efforts

We hope this guide provides you with an inside look to achieve more online success with your business through your most hardworking sales tool, your website. We hope this has put into perspective why this is such a critical part of your business and how to best utilise it to get results. Need a new and improved site? Are you ready to get your marketing off the ground? Or are you looking to improve your brand in 2021, email me on zanthe@arcinteractive.co and let’s talk. 

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