#NGOMarketingSeries Part 2: The best digital channels for NGOs

#NGOMarketingSeries Part 2: The best digital channels for NGOs

If you're looking to elevate your non-profit to the next level, this second part of our #NGOMarketingSeries is for you. In this article we'll be breaking down some of the best practices to boost your organisation's marketing efforts. Take a look.
by Zanthe Agrela
02. 24. 2021

Are you interested in catapulting your non-profit to the next level? In this second part of my #NGOMarketingSeries, I’ll be sharing some best practices to amplify the marketing efforts of your organisation.

In the first guide, I unpacked the fundamentals of digital NGO marketing including getting to the crux of the donors’ needs, understanding your unique business objectives and understanding your audience’s psychology in order to make a difference within the community that your brand serves. In this guide, we’ll unpack the importance of digital channels and how to choose the right digital channel for your non-profit. 

  • Marrying online and offline efforts 

Too often I see disjointed marketing efforts, where there’s little to no cohesion between digital and offline marketing efforts. A brand that doesn’t data share between these two critical points is a brand that won’t perform optimally. For example, even if you have a dedicated PR agency for PR activities, community management sits in house, digital marketing sits with an agency, and offline efforts sit with programme invigilators, all teams have to work as one single engine. Different teams can be unified by focusing on one common goal- the business objective.  

  • The value of digital

Unlike most traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing efforts in particular are incredibly powerful as they’re measurable. How many people you've reached, who they are, how many of them engage with your content and of course, how many important goals your business has achieved with the budget you’ve set out. These valuable marketing efforts can be fed back into traditional marketing to provide valuable insights on your audience. 

We recommend choosing a digital marketing agency that specialises in serving and working with NGOs and CSI projects. Why? Well, much like taking your Ford to a BMW dealership; they’ll certainly know how to fix cars, but they don’t specialise in your car. NPOs aren’t selling anything, meaning their objectives and thus, outcomes, are very different. At Arc Interactive we have over 9 years of experience serving clients in the NGO and CSI spaces. We’ve been able to fuse our passion for doing good with our skills in digital. Our expertise lies in critically understanding your business and marketing objectives, so that we can put measurable marketing performance standards in place (KPIs) which allow you to benchmark your success. We’re able to determine what results you can expect to see per your marketing budget.

  • Matching your objectives to the correct channels 

I’m sure by now you’re dying to know what digital marketing channels (social media and display) your NPO needs. With budget being tight, the answer to this critical question is one you just can’t get wrong. Given these unique challenges and high stakes as an NPO, I always recommend appointing an agency. By relying on the experts, you can eliminate the risk of time and money being wasted.

Secondly, finding the best digital marketing channels will depend on your business objective. Here’s a comprehensive guide for matching your business objective to the digital channel best suited for it:

Reach, brand awareness = social media channels (the relevant channels will depend on your desired target audience).

User engagement = social influencers (the relevant channels will depend on your desired target audience).

Newsletter signups = Gmail marketing leveraged through social media marketing.

Donations = Google Search and Display ads driving users to a dedicated landing page on the website. Facebook “donate now” ads.

Awaken emotion and spring people to a desired action = YouTube, as hearing and seeing stories is powerful in evoking empathy.

  • Leverage the power of a recognisable face 

Forming influential partnerships can expand your reach exponentially through social influencers. Noteworthy social personalities have a great reach and network that’s quite hard to tap into without a large budget. Therefore, the power of social influencers is an easy win, as they can be powerhouses behind your brand. This step requires the most careful consideration, as it’s not just about the reach and network but more importantly, whether or not they’re the right fit for your brand. What message are they delivering, what’s the impact thereof and which are the relevant avenues? Despite there being plenty to think about and plan, influencers can be incredible allies for charitable causes and cause marketing. Their authority among their communities allows them to break through the noise and share important messages with their followers. By partnering with the right influencers, you can significantly increase your organisation’s overall impact. 

Non-Profits are often hit with the biggest hurdle of all, namely a lack of funds and scrutiny by their charitable donors. Due to these hurdles, it’s critical to get digital marketing right, and do so with quick results. To operate, thrive, raise awareness, get funding, educate vulnerable audiences and many other goals can seem impossible in a world of bigger, louder, more financially equipped online advertisers. This makes it pertinent to hire a specialist marketing agency to ensure the best use of your marketing spend.

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